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Hiking & Nature Walks in Mgahinga

Hiking & Nature Walks in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

A hike through the forest to the deep Sabinyo Gorge – a massive gash in the flank of Mount Sabinyo – provides good birding opportunities and the chance to find the Rwenzori Turaco. This walk takes four hours and passes through the Rugezi Swamp which is fantastic for bird watchers. The walk to the Congo border transcends different vegetation zones. Hikers can sight the calderas on top of the Gisozi hill, look out for Kisoro and Bunagana towns and be captivated by Lake Mutanda. Volcano climbing: A tough day’s hike will take you to the peaks of Muhavura, Gahinga or Sabinyo – whose summit is crossed by the Uganda-Rwanda-Congo border.

Mountain/ Volcano Climbing

Mount Sabinyo.

For those who like to hike, mount Sabinyo provides you with an exhilarating opportunity to indulge in your favorite hobby. Climbing this mount is done on the eastern side and this comes with the chance to move along a ridge and spectacular descends into the gorges of Rwanda and Uganda as you reach peak 11 hence giving you a free pass into these two countries at once. However, when you decide to continue with the ascent to peak 111, the rewards will even be greater as you will be able to be now in three countries of Rwanda, Uganda and D.R.Congo at the same time without visa and entry fees required as this peak shares the intersection of the boundaries of all these three countries. This hike covers around 14 km returning journey inclusive and lasts for about 8 hours.

Mount Gahinga:

Mount Gahinga is located next to Mount Muhavura and from a distance, it may look smaller because of its location next to Muhavura but make no mistake by thinking that’s indeed it small. Mount Gahinga equally offers a tough but manageable and exciting challenge to climbers. A hike to the gaming summit offers a magnificent view of the Afromontane tree species like bamboo, various bird species and primates like monkeys. When successfully reach the peak summit, you will be treated to the spectacular view of a crater that is found on top. Long ago, this crater was a lake but due to various forces of nature, it has been reduced to a swamp, can you can imagine a swamp on top of the hill? This is quite interesting to see. This ascent to the top and back covers about 8km and lasts about 6 hours.

Mount Muhavura:

Being the highest of the three gaming ranges, its only understandable why the locals named it muhuvara which means the guide because just like the locals you will be able to see from anywhere in Kisoro district and it will become your bearing point and guide just as its local name suggests and when you successfully reach its summit, you will be truly rewarded with a jaw-dropping and one of a kind view most of the other Virunga ranges, lake Edward in queen Elizabeth and peaks of mountain Rwenzori in the far distance. The hike to the muhavura summit and back covers a stretch of 12 km and lasts about 8 hours. You are advised to spend the night before climbing mount muhavura at the campsite on the foothill below it as you will need to start climbing early in the morning and there are no other accommodation facilities very near mount muhavura for you to spend the night in. All these volcanoes climbs cost 100$ per person per climb

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