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Golden Monkey Tracking

Golden Monkey Tracking In Mgahinga Park

In addition Uganda gorilla trekking experience, Mgahinga offers the traveler a safari in Uganda a chance to track the rare golden monkeys. These furry, comical monkeys live high up in bamboo forests. Like gorillas, the golden monkeys are habituated, meaning that they will not shy away when humans approach.

Also, tracking golden monkeys is very similar to tracking gorillas, but the trek itself is not quite as challenging. Seeing these beautiful primates bantering about is a sight to behold and most enjoyable for the visitors to the park.

Golden monkey tracking starts with tourists arriving at the Park headquarters at Ntebeko by 7:30 am for a pre-tracking briefing. The actual golden monkey trek begins at 8:00 am.  

The park’s experienced trackers go ahead and locate a habituated troop of about 70 golden monkeys, a group of tourists (maximum eight) is guided up the mountain to join them.

The high to the habituated group territory entails a gradual 1 hour – to 1 hour and 30 minutes ascent through regenerating secondary forest to the edge of the primary forest, which is also the beginning of the bamboo zone.

When tourists encounter the golden monkey family, they are given 1 hour to spend with them (to take photographs and observe their behaviour).

Gorilla Monkey Tracking Permit Fees

  • US60 – Foreign nonresident
  • US60 – Foreign Reside+nt visitors
  • UGX40,000—East African Citizens

Best Time For Golden Monkey Tracking In Mgahinga

Tracking is particularly rewarding during April, May, October, and November when you can count on finding the monkeys foraging in the bamboo zone, and they often come done to the grown to pull out fresh shoots. In the dry season, food tends to be scarcer and the monkeys are sometimes more difficult to find as they roam further afield to feed on the fruits of different trees. However the monkeys are very habituated, and once located, you can expect to get within a few meters of them.

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