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Karungi of Mubare gorilla group gives birth to new baby

A New Baby Gorilla Is Born Its All Celebrations in Bwindi As Karungi of Mubare Group Gives Birth. In the world of travellers especially those who engage in Africa safari tours, Uganda is regarded as the pearl of Africa, this name stems way back in 1908 in a book entitled my African journey that was authored by Sir Winston Churchill the British premier at the time who wrote this book after his journey to Africa which saw him visit many African countries which were under British rule by then such as Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya.

During his visit to Uganda in 1907 Churchill was impressed by the utter beauty of this country- Uganda given its magnificent landscapes, diverse wildlife and culture, food and impeccable weather that’s comparable to none and when he was writing about his African expedition, he described Uganda in these words “For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life bird-insect-reptile and beast, for vast scale, Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa”.  Indeed even after the lapse of over a century, many of Uganda safari holidaymakers are still getting almost the same impression just as Churchill did get in 1907 when he made his Africa safari journey to this country because except for human and infrastructural development, Uganda’s beauty has virtually remained intact. One of the attractions that have still helped Uganda to retain this picturesque name are the mountain gorillas

There is nothing that excites like an Africa gorilla safari adventure and as of today, many Africa safari-goers are increasingly seeking to have their own maverick gorilla stories to tell. This has therefore made gorilla trekking safaris Africa a must-do activity on many of tourists bucket list when they visit countries where these gorillas are.

What are mountain gorillas?

Scientifically termed as Gorilla beringei beringei, mountain gorillas are typically gentle and amazingly shy and calm animals that have thick and long fur and this enables them to live in cooler temperature climatic zones, each gorilla can be identified basing on its nose print which is unique to each individual, adult males can weigh as much as 195 kg with a standing height of 168cm or 66 inches while their female counterparts can weigh 100kg with a height of 140 cm or 55inches. Mountain gorillas are diurnal animals as they are very active in the early morning and evening hours which they use for foraging or eating, they maintain a herbivorous diet which consists of leaves, fruits, tree branches and bamboo shoots. these gentle mountain giants are Bwindi impenetrable national park’s tourism signature symbol and as well as Uganda’s. This park serves as a habitat to about 400 of these mountain giants and this number constitutes about half of the world’s mountain gorilla population. These gorillas live in families of about 5 to 30 and are headed by a predominant male called a silverback due to its silver-like lining on its back. It should be noted that not all gorilla families that habituate in Bwindi can be viewed by tourists because not all of them have been habituated for human interaction and also there is a high risk of passing diseases between humans and gorillas.

Are Gorillas Related to Humans in Uganda?

Initially, the humans belonged to their Hominidae taxonomy family while the apes were put in another taxonomic family named Pongidae. The separation between the two was brought about by specialization in anatomy, the human brain which is highly developed along with distinct locomotion. However, this has been declared outdated overtime putting the gorilla’s close relatives to humans second to Chimpanzees and coming before Orangutans. It can be noted that the genetic composition of the apes matches that of humans to a considerable degree with a small distinction in DNA. The gene analysis indicates that man and gorillas differ by 1.6% while man with chimpanzees differs by 1.2%. For gorillas and Chimps, the difference is 1.8% The DNA mitochondrial which is recorded to change faster, the geneticists identified a gap of 8.8% between chimps and humans, 10.3% between gorillas and humans. It should be noted that despite the closeness of the chimpanzees and bonobos to humans, the gorillas resemble humans in a range of aspects. For example, the hands and feet of gorilla resemble those of man than other apes while their feet is more suited for walking just like humans since they spend most of the time on the ground unlike other apes. This is common in mountain gorillas that are encountered on gorilla trekking Uganda safaris.

Are you interested in having an encounter with these majestic humans of the wild? Well, your answers have been perfectly answered because a Uganda gorilla safari is all you need to make to have all your gorilla dreams come true. Uganda is one of the very few countries on the planet that are home to the mighty gorillas. A gorilla encounter in Uganda comes to pass with a gorilla trekking Uganda safari to either Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. When you decide to make this gorilla safari Uganda to either Bwindi impenetrable forest or Mgaihnga Gorilla Park, you’re in a position to meet any of the 19 gorilla families that are found within these two parks.

These 19 gorilla families have been habituated- getting them used to human presence hence giving you a chance to have a bewildering gorilla trekking Uganda tour experience when you get in contact with these gorillas. The gorilla families that have been habituated for gorilla trekking in Uganda include Mubare, Habinyanja, Rushegura, Katwe, Oruzogo, Bitukura, Kyaguriro, Muzika Bushaho and Nkuringo Nshongi, Kahungye, Bweza, Busingye, Mishaya, Bushaho, Rwigi Bweza, Mucungizi & Bikiyingi

A New Baby Gorilla Is Born

The future of gorilla trekking safaris Uganda is looking brighter and brighter each day that passes and as of today word reaching our news desk is that just like last month when Businza of the Mubare group gave birth to a healthy baby gorilla, today it was another female gorilla name named Karungi of the same group- Mubare has given birth to another new baby gorilla hence contributing to the growing broad of a new generation of young gorillas that will definitely excite you on your next Africa gorilla safari in a few years time to come as they usually overlook the 7 meter rule that should always be maintained between the gorillas and their human friends who pay them a visit in their natural dwelling while on their Uganda gorilla safari adventure because they are always interested in incorporating you in their plays especially if you chance to find them in a jovial mood.

as we have said earlier on you can always choose to do gorilla trekking in Uganda in either Bwindi or  Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda.

If you choose Mgahinga, you should expect to have thrilling encounters with the Nyakengezi gorilla family that has been habituated for gorilla trekking. Besides gorillas , there are still other attractions in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda which await you on your safari in Uganda to Mgahinga and these include the golden monkeys, Batwa people, the Virunga ranges of Muhabura, Sabinyo and Gahinga. In addition to a great gorilla trekking safari in Uganda in Mgahinga National Park, you can engage in various tourist activities in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and these include in mountain hiking, birding, Uganda cultural safari encounters with the Batwa. on your Uganda safari to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, you can choose to stay in any of the Uganda safari accommodations in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park such as Mount Gahinga Lodge, Lake Chahafi Resort, Mucha Hotel, Travellers Rest Hotel And Kisoro Tourist Hotel. Getting to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park can be done by road using the Kampala- Mbarara- Kabale –Kisoro road which covers a distance of about 434km or a 10 hour drive from Kampala.

You can also get to Mgahinga from Kigali city in Rwanda following the Kigali to Kisoro road via Cyanika border post. From Kigali to Cyanika border is 205 km and from Cyanika to Kisoro is 11 km

Its only fair to note that Uganda isn’t the only place where you can enjoy a truly amazing africa gorilla safari experience, there are 2 other countries which will equally give you a fascinating encounter with the gorillas, these include congo and rwanda. A Congo gorilla safari experience takes you either Virunga National Park where you have a chance to encounter Mountain gorillas as this park is home to 8 gorilla families or Kahuzi Biega National Park where you will be in for a thrilling moment with the eastern lowland gorillas. A Rwanda gorilla safari takes you to Volcanoes National Park which is home to 10 gorilla families that have been habituated to give you a fantastic Rwanda gorilla tour experience.

If you’re planning to make an Africa safari adventure, you can definitely rely on the expert services of Prime safaris and Wild Gorilla Safaris, these are local tour companies that have mastered the art of crafting and executing the gorilla safaris in different countries that are home to these wild mammals such as Uganda Rwanda and Congo. These companies boast of wide range of both gorilla and wildlife safari packages such as short Uganda gorilla safaris, short Rwanda gorilla safaris, short Congo gorilla safaris  long Uganda gorilla tours and long Rwanda gorilla tours. Gorillas aren’t the only beasts that Uganda has , Uganda is still very much a home to a wide range of Africa savanna wild mammals such as the Africa big five and many more  and you can get to encounter some of these animals when you make add a Uganda wildlife safari experience as part of your gorilla adventure in Uganda. both prime safaris and wild gorilla safaris still offer you a wide range of wildlife safari packages that come in both short Uganda wildlife safaris and long Uganda wildlife safaris


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